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  • Creative Writing

    $20/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

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    Most recently my book of poems, Spy in da House, was published. I hone my skill by posting weekly on "The Music in It, a poetry blog by Adele Kenny." My crisp, minimalist poetry seems to have a small...

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  • Copywriting

    $20/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

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    Need concise, well-chosen words? Look no further! No one has patience for wordy descriptions and flowery language. Let's get together and create the copy that suites your needs.

  • Articles & Press Releases

    $20/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

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    Feature articles are my forte! Interviews. Special interests. Special subjects. With solid research and a few chosen words, the article you need can be created and delivered in a timely way.

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  • Reports

    $25/hr Starting at $200 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Newspaper Publications 2006 Happy Times, Broward/Dade County, FL 2002 1997-2002 Risa’s Aromas, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL 2000 Today’s Parent, Fort Lauderdale, FL...

    Article WritingDrawingPoemsPoetryResearch


Brevity is my style! Finding the exact right word is my passion!. Call me a minimalist in all areas of my life: haiku, living space, food, choice of clothing....

Risa has been writing from an early age. It started with presenting neighborhood puppet shows in the summer out of her family's garage. Most recently, she has published a book of poems, Spy in da House, available on and Snow White (where the main characters are cats!), available on

She has contributed special interest articles to local newspapers and trade journals.You can read her latest poems on The Music in It, a poetry blog by Adele Kenny, the poet laureate of Fanwood, NJ.

Her favorite project on Guru was Growing Bookworms. As a reader and teacher, it added a new dimension to understanding the learning process.

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Everything is negotiable.

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