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  • 3D Rendering
  • Designer 2000
  • Jewelry Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Rhinoceros 3D



Award winning Jewellery Designer

I know a lot about jewelry we have a 3D printer and I know a lot about printing and 3d cad jewelry making I will work on Gemvision Matrix and V ray. I will make all types of jewelry CAD Design and render all jewelry and 360 Animation

I will provide you with 3dm and STL files of your designs with very reasonable pricing and it using for 3d printing and manufacturing

Founded: 2012

Meet the Team

  • Ronak



Work Terms

I can work on fixed budget projects as well as hourly basis projects.
I will take payments after I finish my work and my client should be fully satisfied with the job done.
Client satisfaction is my at-most priority.
But as the job will done I will take my full payment with no bargain.

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