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  • Vpn
  • Apache
  • Dhcp
  • DNS
  • Elastix
  • Email
  • Linux
  • OpenVPN
  • Security
  • Squid
  • VoIP


  • Linux

    $18/hr Starting at $45

    Linux Administration and Linux Network Services such as DNS, DHCP, APACHE, GATEWAY, EMAIL, SECURITY, UTMS, WEBPROXY, SQUID,VPNS

  • VOIP PBX Elastix

    $20/hr Starting at $100

    To Configure and Maintain Elastix Voip Server. & PBX "I know how TEHO works and i have successfully implemented it as well" IAX2 based Server to Server Connection. Sip setup and Voip Security. Remote...

  • VPN Specialist

    $20/hr Starting at $75

    Creating and Configuring Various VPNS such as Cisco PIX IPSEC, Cisco PIX Remote Access VPN, Cisco ASA WEB VPN, SSL VPN, IPSEC VPN, Linux OpenVPN, Linux IPSECVPN "OpenSwan"