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  • Analytical
  • Creative
  • e-Books
  • Editing
  • Organized
  • Product Descriptions
  • Rewriting
  • Short Stories
  • Writing


  • Creative Freelance Writer

    $12/hr Starting at $30

    I am a freelance writer who specializes primarily in ghostwriting as of right now. I am especially adept at writing fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, and romance/erotica. Most of my experience is in short stories,...



Creative, Passionate, Analytical

I've been writing for my own personal pleasure for over ten years, but have only recently made the career change to become a professional writer. Over the past seven months I've written over 400k words professionally in several different genres.

I have a wild imagination that takes me to many unexpected places, and I'm my biggest critic. Writing is incredibly important to me as it is a representation of myself and my mind, so I will never send you something I'm not proud of.

I edit my own work, and can help you edit yours as well! Whether you need help with your grammar, story structure, or a complete rewrite, I can help you get the words on the page.

I also have some minor experience in writing product descriptions, and I pride myself on my ability to condense large amounts of information into a concise point.

Whatever it is that I'm doing, I like to ask lots of questions so I can give you exactly what you are looking for! However, I'm fully capable of managing myself, so if you prefer to be more hands-off, that's okay too!

Work Terms

I'm a dedicated writer and looking to make this a full-time career, so I would like substantial projects that are either ongoing or would require at least one week's worth of work.

My absolute minimum cost is $1/100 words and that is for a simple, modern romance novel with a character list and an outline for me to follow. I reserve the right to negotiate a higher fee for projects that require more in-depth work or research.

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