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  • Teajai 60 · Feb 21, 2021

    It was a pleasure working with Afobunor, his illustrations in the beginning were not exactly what we were looking for, but with some guided assistance, he was able to morph the style we needed much to our satisfaction. He is also very open to reviews and changes and will work to the best of his abilities to meet your expectations. Thanks for the great work Afobunor. I will definitely be working with you on other projects.

    for Semi Realistic Cartoon Artist NEEDED!!!

  • Teajai 60 · Feb 09, 2021

    A test trial was given to Afobunor, although he made a fairly good attempt to get the illustration done to our specification, he did not exactly execute the task to our satisfaction, However he was patient to try multiple times to improve the image with countless reviews. We gave him a second chance to execute the task to the specification we required. Overall his work ethics tells us he is patient, discipline and willing to go the extra mile to keep the client satisfied. Good Freelancer, to work with, just needs additional guidance and prodding to get the required result.

    for Semi Realistic Cartoon Artist NEEDED!!!