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    I have been teaching English for more than 3 years and I took my talent of writing for granted. Later on, I started to work on this talent, by writing everyday and read a lot more. I write short stories,...

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We're all like diamonds, and it takes the right miner to get the best out of us

My passion for writing led me to leave my field of study behind and start writing everyday. I remember writing very basic short stories in my early years of kindergarten, and when I grew up more in the years of my teenage I started writing songs and outlines for magazines. But here I'm getting drifted in life and forgetting my real talent, so when the time came for me that I have to stop and to value the things I have instead of being stuck for hours doing a routinely job just to get money, I quit my job and I started writing everyday.
I believe that we all have weakness and strength points, except that everyone likes to hide their weakness or lie about it. For me I'm a fast-learner, a creative, a hard-worker, an out-of-the-box thinker, a neat, and a flexible lady. But of course I have some weakness points, and one of them I try to tame and let it work for my own good, which is being spontaneous, sometimes I can get the best out of it by always telling the truth and speaking my mind- and it does appear in my works on paper-.
I was always told that I can do many things at the same time, but I believe I can only do two, which are teaching and writing. I'm still working as a teacher online or as a part-timer, who would forget about who they really are anyway? For my whole 3+ years of teaching, I felt that I'm having the best time, I never regretted anything and I worked harder than ever.

Work Terms

I'm able to work maximum 40h/week and the payment will be hourly/weekly upon agreed rate.

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