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  • Apache CloudStack
  • Asterisk
  • CCDA
  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • CentOS
  • Ceph
  • Cisco
  • DNS
  • GeoServer
  • Kvm
  • Ldap
  • Linux
  • Network Defense
  • Postfix

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  • Linux, Asterisk, Centos, Ubuntu, Cisco

    $25/hr Starting at $30 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am a Linux system administrator, was working as a network engineer to manage all Cisco devices, and I am a professional bash script writer.

    Apache CloudStackAsteriskCCDACCNACCNP


I got my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science back in 2013, during my studies I had a job as a part time Linux system administrator that maintain all the Linux systems. Projects that I have accomplished during my work experience are:

1. Geoserver: I have prepared a server with OSM Data loaded into Postgresql database and we have satellite imagery also to provide local map services to our customers with fastest speed possible.

2. Asterisk: I have prepared a server for our 100+ customers for their call communication and a call center that accept call from outside world.

3. DNS and DNSSEC: I implemented dns and dnssec in our company to mitigate dns attacks

4. DANE (DNS Authentication of Named Entities): We implemented DANE to bind certificates to their corresponding name to avoid ssl attacks.

5. Monitoring (Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti): I have implemented these monitoring tools that can help to deep insight in our network.

6. ClouStack: I have implemented IaaS using Cloudstack with KVM hypervisor.

7. Ceph: I have used Ceph as the distributed storage for our IaaS environment.

8. OpenVPN: I have Configured multi-site vpn connectivity.
9. Docker: I have configured docker in a multi-server environment and we use it for development purposes.
10. We use multiple Linux distributions: (CentOS, Debian, OpenSuse) inside our company
11. Beside my Linux experience I have earned my CCNA, CCNP, Linux+ certifications.
12. I am a professional in Cisco technologies that have installed multiple sites all myself with its security in mind.

Work Terms

I work in my company till now from 08:00 to 04:30 PM so I can do my Online Jobs during night shift.

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