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    I am a talented writer and copy editor with 15 years of professional experience. I hold a B.A. in Religious Studies with a minor in English from the College of Wooster in Wooster, OH. Since graduation,...

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Talented Writer and Copy Editor

I am a talented writer and editor who has 16 years of professional writing and editing experience. I have copy edited for a small, regional publication called "Up and Coming Weekly" and am the owner of a writing, inventing and editorial services firm called "Creative Services/The Breadwinner." I can write and edit small or large pieces depending on the need and I am familiar with all the major editing and grammatical styles (APA, AP, MLA). Additionally, I am an aspiring screenwriter and M.F.A. and M.M.L. hopeful with a growing portfolio. I have just completed a feature film length comedy about handicapped people entitled "Crazy Cash," another comedy entitled "Lost Marble," and my very first self-created soap opera pilot entitled, "Echoes in the Shadows" all of which appear either here or under my other pen name, Writergirl36. I am also the author of twenty-eight (28) children's books: "Turtle Time for Toby," "Prideful Palermo Earns His Zebra Stripes," "Loyal Lion, Lucky Lamb," "There Once Was A Gorilla Named Gabe," "Once Leopard Lucy, Now Giraffe Goofy," "A Tiger's Tall Tails (Tales)," "How Allan Alligator Landed His Lake," "Allan Alligator's Awesome Australian Adventure," "The Sun's Bright, Burning Raise (Rays), "The Sun's Rays (Raise)," "Wiseguy Butterfly and His Speckley, Speckley Dusty Dots," "The Shark Magnet," "Doggie Woggie Woke Up Foggy, "Two Holes in Henry's Socks," "Dippy, Dippy Dolphin, Anenome, and a Jealous Jellyfish, Too!," "Malarkey the Sharkey Tropheys the Whale Whopper-Teller," "Barnalian Blue," "Tripping Trotter's Sound, Roud Divots,"" "The Miffed Gift: A Fun Lump of Coal as Night's Dark Mask," "Mayhem the Monkey Debunks a Life Spunky," "The Penny Saver," "The Puzzle Solver," "Please Stand in an Upright and Locked Position," "Guzzle Gets Going," "The Candy Corn Cloak," "The Thanksgiving Maise," "Fluffy Pops Up." "So Many Santas, and one young adult novel The Ramblings of Many

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25.00/hour, 1 hour minimum

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