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  • Logistics
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Industry
  • Logistics Consulting
  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Operations Management
  • Reports
  • Spreadsheets
  • Transportation
  • Visual Basic
  • Vlookup Tables


  • Logistics Management

    $10/hr Starting at $30

    Organise transportation activities, including storage of goods, managing information accrued from point of origin to delivery, orchestrating transportation movements, and arranging for services as necessary...

    LogisticsLogistics & Supply Chain IndustryLogistics ConsultingReportsTransportation
  • MS Excel

    $10/hr Starting at $30

    Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program included in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Spreadsheets present tables of values arranged in rows and columns that can be manipulated mathematically...

    MicrosoftMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft OfficeOperations ManagementSpreadsheets