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  • Ragnarsson · Mar 21, 2005

    Shannon Workman showed us that the style we had requested for US presidents, could be greatly improved, so we hired her to redo some of the earlier work in the new and improved style. She is a good artist and we sure will keep on having her do portraits for us.

    for Redo of President Portraits

  • Ragnarsson · Mar 21, 2005

    Shannon Workman has proven yet again that her speed in portraits in great and at top quality. We certainly will keep her doing more projects for us.

    for 100 Vectorial Portraits - Part 2

  • Ragnarsson · Feb 07, 2005

    Shannon Workman is an amazing artist, with speed in portraits comparable to none. We asked her to provide us with a good amount of portraits of presidents and other famous people according to a list we provided her, and we received the portraits from her after only a short while, in the format required (Adobe illustrator) and in great quality. We highly recmommend Shannon Workman and we sure are going to utilise her services again.

    for 100 Vectorial Portraits