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  • Economist,Business Plan Writer,Copywrite

    $10/hr Starting at $30

    English, Creative Writing, Academic Writing, Copywriting, Transcription Advertising, Promotion and Sales skills, good at Market Research, Analyzing Consumers and SWOT analysis, Writing Business Plans,...

    Academic ConsultingAcademic WritingAdvertisingAnalyticsBusiness Planning


My name is Silvija and I am a graduate Economist, but with interests in many fields. Other than topics which are closely related to my profession (of which I am particularly good at writing business plans and marketing research), I am also interested in gardening and organic farming (in recent years I have grown plants in my garden this way, so it could be said that I am an expert in these topics). So I could say that gardening is my passion.

I also like animals and support the preservation of the environment and ecology, so I wrote business plans for pet food production, as well as projects for the education of children about the importance of ecology.

I am a fan of sports I trained karate and for ten years, while in previous years I was training basketball too. Now I have been doing sports fishing, which is quite unusual for women in my country, but I love it and it requires great knowledge and patience.

As I am interested in learning about countries around the world and their customs, I also like to research about their culinary specialties because I love healthy and interesting food. Besides the Serbian language, I also speak English, basic German and Slovenian.

As almost any girl, I'm interested in fashion and I like makeup products (which I probably have more than I need).

I wrote business plans to get funds and help with starting companies, mostly to young people who are starting their first business. All that went well and I'm proud that I was a part of it and that I helped them.

I love to read (in my free time, especially love novels), research and learn and I can write original and unique articles, texts and do good work.