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  • Ink & Insights · Feb 24, 2021

    Thanks for helping us have a great year. We will be coming to find you for the next season.

    for Ink & Insights 2020

  • Ink & Insights · Aug 18, 2020

    Another great job. Thorough and compassionate to our writers. A real asset to our project.

    for Ink & Insights 2020

  • Ink & Insights · Jul 18, 2020

    We are thrilled to have Skayum back on the team this year!

    for Ink & Insights 2020

  • Ink & Insights · Jun 03, 2020

    Thanks for your help.

    for Ink & Insights 2020

  • Surround Idea · May 12, 2015

    Shabana is a great editor. I'm glad to find her!

    for Self-published writer looks for editor

  • Dana Pitely · Mar 17, 2014

    She's terrific!

    for The Seeds of Collusion

  • Dana Pitely · Aug 15, 2013

    I think it is probably rare to find an editor that can also paint with big brush strokes. I am happy I found her. :)

    for The Bough and the Fire

  • Dana Pitely · Jul 24, 2013

    I am extremely satisfied with Shabana's work and work ethic.

    for The Bough and the Fire

  • Dana Pitely · Jun 08, 2013

    I am extremely pleased with Shabana's work. She is an excellent copy editor all the way down to ensuring that my towards and toward are consistent (FYI, she prefers toward. Apparently in America people usually use toward, but in Britian its towards. Who knew? Shabana!) She also worked as a book doctor on this novel. The plot was thin and she really forced me to focus my efforts. The book is a much better novel today because of her.

    for The Bough and the Fire

  • Dana Pitely · Feb 26, 2013

    I am very satisfied with Shabana's work, but would like her to be more forthright in her opinions, more honest, even cutthroat if necessary. Right now we are trying to learn how to walk the line between editing and book doctoring. She let a chapter live - one that should have been euthanized. I think she knows now that she should have thrown the chapter back at me - saying "FIX IT, THEN I"LL EDIT IT."

    for The Bough and the Fire

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