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  • Sr iOS Engineer/Architect

    $65/hr Starting at $10,000 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am an iOS developer with five years of experience in creating commercial applications for iPhone/iPad. CoreData, REST interfaces, JSON, all UI frameworks, maps, etc. My custom software design and...

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Sr iOS Architect/Engineer with 5 years of experience developing native applications. Twenty years of custom software development.

I am a coder with over 20 years of experience developing custom software by working with users of the information systems I develop, and in addition five years of native iOS development. I am a family man with children who are growing families of their own. I am serious when it comes to my responsibiliies, but also playful and have a good (although sometimes dark) sense of humor. I like working with people, and I take my work relationships as seriously as my personal ones. Usually there is not any differene, I find. In my personal time, I benefit greatly from working with others in volunteer pursuits that include hospice and grief care and counseling, and similar settings. I am also committed to education, in both formal acedamic settings and by sharing whatever knowledge I may possess with others when it is beneficial.

My total experience in custom software development has included a variety of technologies popular in their time. I have analyzed, architected, and developed information systems for retail (brick and mortar and online), food processing, transportation, and non-profits using tools and databases ranging from Clipper to Java to Objective-C and MySQL to MSSQL. I am currently focused entirely on iOS technology for Enterprise use.

Although my past work has included start-to-finish sole responsibility for developing both client and server sides of applications, lately my work has been on teams of developers, distributed globally in many cases. Currently I have the responsibility for desgining and architecting, coding, managing other coders, and seeing the project through testing, working with QA, and releasing the product.

The custom software I have developed has been used in manufacturing, accounting and financial, retail, and non-profit organizations. I have done all UI except for graphics, as well as requirements gathering and product definition.

Work Terms

Pacific Time Zone availability via phone, email, Skype, IRC. Billing semi-monthly, terms 10 days net. No games, photo, or social apps. I am a US citizens working in US, I do not compete with overseas rates.