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  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Industry


  • Private Equity

    $50/hr Starting at $25

    Business funding arrangement * Drafting of prospectus * Placement work through our extensive network

    Venture Capital & Private Equity Industry


Business Consulting

Stratos is a niche player in the financial advisory services space offering services to incubate new businesses, enabling companies to leverage growth opportunities, and to tackle special circumstances such as frauds, litigation etc. We are a SEBI registered financial advisor focused on investment funds, high net worth individuals, corporates, and Small/Medium Enterprises. Our clients choose Stratos for our deep understanding of their business and industry. Our solutions are custom-built to suit your circumstances, based on measurable objectives. Our service lines as follows: • Business Incubation: o Seed fundo Bootstrappingo Business serviceso Monetisation • Growth Opportunities:o Access to our networko Capital structure/ funding structureso Cash management advisoryo Treasury managemento Mergers & Acquisitionso Private Placement Advisoryo Identification of investment opportunitieso Public issues/ listing advisory• Analytics:o Modelling of credit / investment deci