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  • Editing
  • Google Certified
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Mobile Development
  • Research
  • Science
  • Typing
  • Videos
  • Writing


  • BSc in Information Technology

    $8/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    My whatsappnumber is : (597)8528663. I am ICT Engineer and Social Media Engineer, Research writing, Content writing and Digital Marketing Specialist. I am an well experience digital marketeer for almost...

    EditingGoogle CertifiedInformation TechnologyMarketingMobile Development



My whatsappnumber is : (597)8528663. I AM Dedicated with my team todo your project NOW and we are taking work serious. I am ICT Engineer, 48 years old, and Social Media Engineer, Research writing, Logo creation, Content writing and Digital Marketing Specialist. I am an well experience digital marketeer for almost 22 years doing,content writing seo, sea, backlinks submitting, google, link building, social media engineering, post ads professional with professional graphic design, 24 hours long constantly posting ads, videos, graphics, setup niches, online submitting different posts, online submitting ads, online flyers, flipbooks,embedded coding, crawling in ranking, popups in webdesign and hosting, setting up websites and hosting them, etc. Working with Google Aanalytics, Google ads are daily tools for me and use a lot of other related technologies also to execute them and implement them.I am also setting up mobile apps for posting also ads and videos on it. Online digital marketing is like a pro for me and is my passion for submitting ads, posts, banners, flyers , almost every form of advertisement online to promote. Digital promoting is my profession 24 hours long and doing it day and night to make you happy and make your business grow. . I can constantly write and have good writing skils, especially when typing with fast and accurate level. Imagine to type 1 row in 2 seconds. Type speed and flexible typing and wrting skills I have with 22 years of experience in editing on websites, digitally books, etc, etc for ads, posts, etc. Please take us for the job!, So, we are or have excellent and have excellence in data processing, data entry, excel, word and copy typing.

Work Terms

I can do the job done with 1 day or 1 or a few days with 12 hours of work per day, etc dependant on what kind of work. But we are very serious in taking jobs and complete it within a working time frame. I am working with most higtech tools available.