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  • Editing
  • Audio Post Production
  • Imovie
  • Post-Production
  • Special Effects
  • Video Editing
  • Videos
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Music Production
  • Photo & Image Editing
  • Photography
  • Production Management
  • Promo Videos
  • Promotions
  • Short Stories

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  • Video Editor and Post-Production

    $8/hr Starting at $25

    I'm able to splice videos and take out all the unwanted sections to make it flow smoothly, add audio and video adjustments where needed, put in special effects, add in music, spice up videos and make...

    Audio Post ProductionEditingFacebook AdvertisingImoviePost-Production
  • Slideshow Editor

    $8/hr Starting at $25

    I'm able to cut and pull pictures' and videos' lengths to flow smoothly with the beat of the music, add audio and basic video/photo adjustments where/if needed, put in special effects, add in music, spice...

    Audio Post ProductionEditingImovieMusic ProductionPhoto & Image Editing


I'm here to put together the finishing touches on all your video needs.

Hi there,
My name is Sunny, and I have a strong love for being in the film and editing field. I have a Youtube channel that I post on from time to time, but really the editing is my main love and joy, which is why I'd like to do some freelance editing, and possible uploading and management help of the channel. I am very comfortable with imovie and its functions, and also use for my thumbnail editing if requested. I'm not able to create music, but I can always use what's given to me and/or what I can find online and in the Youtube Music Library, depending on requests. I have been editing and uploading my own videos since mid-2016, and my channel name is Sunny Verke (Link: ) if you are interested in seeing a little of what I can do, or contact me with a request to see how I work, and I will surely prove myself however needed.

These are my qualifications and things I am open to doing, and possibly others (contact me and we'll talk):
- Video splicing, adjustments, special effects, & finalizing
- Adding music
- Wedding, photography & other slideshows (I do on imovie)
- Spicing up the videos, making them interesting, if requested
- Creating interesting & eye catching thumbnails
- Editing short promotion pieces for Facebook & other sites.
- Possible uploading of finalized videos to Your channel
- Possible managing of upload process, (ex: Help with title, tags, ad placement, posting time, & etc.)

Work Terms

I'd like to add that I am a basic editor at this time, and my charge will be very low to start. Here are some of my regulations:
- I also do schooling, and so I only have 10 hours or less a week to work
- At the moment I use imovie, & do not plan on upgrading until my money intake is higher (hoping for Final Cut Pro X)
- Depending on the lengths of the videos I can do 1-2 videos a week if they are shorter (5 mins or less), 1 medium length video a week (6-15 mins), and anything longer I would have to communicate a working agreement with the customer for.
- I use sendanywhere ( ) for transferring any files to and from me and my customer. I prefer texting and email.
- I only use paypal on my end for payment methods.