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  • Apache Tomcat
  • CSS
  • Hibernate
  • HTML
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • JDBC
  • JSP
  • Maven
  • My Sql
  • Python
  • Servlets
  • Spring Framework
  • Web Development


  • Java Web Application Development

    $8/hr Starting at $25

    I have development experience in Java Web Applications and can offer the same service in Core Java,Servlet,JSP ,Spring ,Hibernate,JDBC,MySQL,Maven ,HTML ,CSS,JavaScript .

    Apache TomcatCSSHibernateHTMLJava


Improve myself in Java web application development and online competitive coding and continue further with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

A highly motivated and hard working person , try to improve myself by learning new technologies.
I am presently working in automation using Python,Selenium and Robot Frame Work.
I have development experience in Java Web Applications. I am actively looking for Java Developer position.
Actively participate in competitions from online coding platforms like CodeChef , HackerRank etc.
Go on in further career with Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence.
Interested in watching movies.