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  • Circuit Design
  • Microcontroller
  • PCB Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • FPGA
  • Hardware Development
  • Prototyping
  • Altera
  • Analysis
  • Cam
  • Debugging
  • Firmware
  • PCB
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Rtos

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  • PCB Designs and Managements

    $15/hr Starting at $50

    I provide you one-stop PCB Services. Being familiar with hardware development for 10 years and also PCB Design tools such as Zuken Cadstar, Eagle, Orcad, and Altium, my services will be great assets for...

    Circuit DesignHardware DevelopmentPCB Design

    $25/hr Starting at $100

    I can work for your embedded system projects. I have experiences designing hardware of systems with 32-bits Digital Signal Processors (DSP), 16-bits/8-bits Microcontrollers, RAMs, Field Programmable Gate...

    AnalysisCamCircuit DesignDebuggingEmbedded Systems
  • FPGA & VHDL Programming

    $25/hr Starting at $75

    I provide you FPGA solutions. I have experiences on FPGA hardware developments and VHDL Programmings including simulations, synthesis, functional/timing simulations. Xilinx and Altera are two chip families...

    AlteraCircuit DesignFPGAHardware DevelopmentPCB


Electronics Design Engineer

Hi, Suryo here.

I am an electronic design engineer experienced in embedded system design including real time system. I am very familiar with DSP, Microcontrollers, Data Communication, Interfacing, FPGA and VHDL Programming, Circuit Design, PCB Design, and Signal Integrity.

I have worked for some companies, majoring in electronics system design as Research and Development Engineer. Along my professional career I have completed many projects, from simple 8-bits Microcontrollers to 32-bits DSPs, FPGA Board Designs, and VHDL Programming. I also have skills in high-speed digital circuit and mixed-signal circuit, and I have experiences designing boards consisting noise-critical analog circuit, ADC/DAC, high speed digital circuit, motor driver, and Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT) photon counter circuit. The ability to extract information effectively from manufacturer's datasheet is my other proven skills.

Joyful moment is seeing a completed projects, so it would be my pleasure to share my skills and technical expertise with you. Your questions are welcome, and don't be hesitate to contact me for your projects.

1. Embedded System Design: Microprocessor, DSP, FPGA, Microcontrollers, Motor Driver, Digital Glue-logic, etc

2. PCB Design: Schematics, PCB Routing, BOM, Parts Library Management, Artwork/Gerber Management, PCB Manufacturing Assistance, etc

3. VHDL Programming and Simulation: Combinatorial Logic, Sequential Logic, State Machines, Peripheral Driver, etc

4. PCB Reverse Engineering and Analysis.

Thank you for your attention.

Work Terms

I strive for professionalism, good communications, and best result in reasonable time frame.
Concerning time zone and productivity, I prefer to work on fixed price term rather than hourly rate.
I love to have milestones of job.