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  • Chakra Healing & Balancing
  • Theta Healing
  • Energetic Healing
  • Energy Balancing
  • Healing
  • Healing Lessons
  • Healing Methods
  • Holistic Education
  • Holistic Health
  • Life Coach
  • Therapy


  • Energy Healing / Channeling

    $120/hr Starting at $120 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    During the session you will experience chakra alignment, release of old traumas and limiting patterns that no longer serves you, release of physical and/or emotional pain, You will feel energized and...

    Chakra Healing & BalancingEnergetic HealingEnergy BalancingHealingHealing Lessons


Hi! I'm an experienced intuitive energy healer and holistic therapist working torwards the awakening to a higher consciousness.

Work Terms

ThetaHealing Instructor with over 20 certifications
over 5 years of practice with life counseling
practice counseling children with high intuitive habilities

Down-to-earth, intuitive and empathetic communication and human connection
no judgement,hability to talk about socially difficult subjects with ease.and warmth

phisical, emotional, mental and spiritual support

Counseling can be worked weekly, monthly or mentoring per objective.

please contact me for more information

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