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  • Calligraphy
  • Design
  • Drawing
  • English Language
  • English to Macedonian Translation
  • French Language
  • Macedonian Language
  • Translation English To French
  • Translation French To English
  • Translation Macedonian To English
  • Watercolor Art
  • Watercolor Artist
  • Watercolor Illustration


  • Affordable and efficient translator

    $10/hr Starting at $30

    Hello, I am Teodora and I'm currently in my third year in college. Being a military child, I have had the opportunity to live for half of my life in a French speaking community in Belgium and continuing...

    English LanguageEnglish to Macedonian TranslationFrench LanguageMacedonian LanguageTranslation English To French
  • Cheap artist, designer, and illustrator!

    $10/hr Starting at $30

    Having a passion for visual arts, I have devoted part of my time developing my artistic abilities. Currently, I am a freshman in college studying architecture and design. I recently completed an online...

    CalligraphyDesignDrawingWatercolor ArtWatercolor Artist