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  • Professional Programmer Games & WebDev

    $35/hr Starting at $35 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I have been professional programmer for over 25 years now. I strive for perfection. I will work very hard to make you happy. I am proficient in C#, Unity, HTML, CSS, Java, Java Scripting, Python, Django,...

    Back End DevelopmentBootstrapC#CSSCSS Javascript


With God as my guide, there's no limit to what I can program. His wisdom fuels my capabilities, enabling me to tackle any programming challenge with grace and proficiency.

In all things, I seek to honor and glorify God first, a principle that applies even to my journey with programming. My early fascination with the potential of programming to create digital universes was, in truth, a calling from God. It nurtured a lifelong passion in me, transforming me into a capable professional skilled in devising complex software solutions.

As I navigated the wide-ranging landscape of coding languages and development frameworks, each challenge I encountered was an opportunity God gave me to learn and grow. From Python to JavaScript, C++, and Ruby on Rails, I've become proficient in various programming languages, all through the wisdom and resilience gifted by God.

Often referred to as a "keyboard cowboy" for my speed and efficiency, every line of code I write is a testament to my journey under God's guidance. Today, as a freelance programmer, my commitment to quality, timeliness, and client satisfaction is deeply rooted in my desire to serve God. Every project is an opportunity to glorify Him as I bring your vision to life in the digital world.

Work Terms

In all my endeavors, I place God first, working diligently as unto the Lord. I dedicate over 12 hours daily to my craft, willing to adjust my availability to harmonize with your schedule. My flexibility and approach-ability are a reflection of God's love and patience, ensuring a smooth and cooperative working relationship.