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A journalist for the last 12 years, I've been editor of six publications -- three each in the U.S. and the U.K. --

and written, as a freelance, for at least 65 other publications, globally, as well as a significant number of web sites.

I have been a writer and editor online since before the dawn of the internet as we know it – as a desk editor for seven

years at Prodigy, the original online news and information service.

I’ve also been a desk editor at The Voice of America and a Pentagon Correspondent for Air Force Times.

Additionally, I’ve reported from, or immediately upon returning from, no fewer than eleven countries.

Why I want To Write for You

I relish variety in my writing diet. Writing for you will vary my menu and, no doubt, tempt me to ‘taste’ topics I’ve never before been tempted to sample.

Even after 12 years of working as a writer and editor, I continue to be challenged, and seek new challenges, to keep my mind fresh, my vocabulary expanding and oh, what wonderful energy exciting new projects can produce!

It’s far less fun to completely self-create projects than to have some sense of direction from the entity you are engaged by to spill sense onto paper, or a computer screen. That said, I did get a bit of pleasure from personal research to discover why a wagon for kids came to be called ‘Radio Flyer’, and from learning – where a long-ago columnist for a New York City newspaper wasn’t able to – how yellow came to be so popular a color for taxi cabs. (The former was an arbitrary choice by the creator of the wagon. The latter came to be because an early taxi fleet operator in New York City felt yellow was an easy color to see amidst a sea of cars at a time when yellow was not in the color spectrum favored by car makers.)

Still, over a decade, one answer has eluded me: Why horse races often start at such odd times as 5:05 p.m. Oh, I can actually get the answer anytime I choose to – but it’s always nice to leave a stone unturned!