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  • luis_armando_calle · Feb 27, 2020

    The web patriot team is a very select group of professionals, extremely dedicated and hard-working, very honest, creative with great ideas and always on time! A 5 stars services!

    for Reshape and tune up existing website

  • Luis 206 · Jan 19, 2019

    Priyanka is just excellent!! great communication skills! super attentive to details and lots and lots of creativity!! I will keep working with her again and again and again!!!

    for upload 2 videos

  • Luis 206 · Jul 08, 2018

    Patriots are a very good team to work with, both are very polite and willing always to hear and keep learning the customers' requirements.


  • Luis 206 · Jun 01, 2018

    Another project with thewebpatriot! great providers!

    for 5 hours a week websites support

  • Luis 206 · May 29, 2018

    Great job!!!!

    for 5 hours a week websites support

  • Scott-Holly · May 03, 2018

    I'd recommend working with The Web Patriot. Extremely patient in getting a difficult environment setup, reliable availability (online via Skype from 6.30am - 3.30pm GMT), great communication and well executed code. I've been outsourcing for over 10 years now, and for me the key to a strong relationship is rapid communication, honesty and reliability. The Web Patriot ticks all these boxes.

    for Pinterest integration for scheduling

  • Brian 443 · Mar 05, 2017

    What a great experience working with this Guru! Very timely, great communication and quality work. I highly recommend.

    for Add payment form


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    What I love about working with the team at The Web Patriot is that not only are they experts in their craft (Project management, Design, and Execution), but also their attention to unforeseen details and the commitment in ensuring that all jobs are completed beyond the expectation of their customers

    . I also loved the fact that the communication is fast, honest, and reliable which is the most important in any type of relationship business or personal. I strongly recommend consulting and working with the team at The Web Patriot for your project.

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    Nina - co-founder Mose

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    My company has over ten mobile applications live on google and Apple markets and as many websites. Over the past ten years we have worked with numerous companies around the globe and have found a home with TheWebPatriot. Their business acumen is world class and desire for perfection unmatched. I enc

    ourage anyone needing their services to engage. TheWebPatriot works within all budgets and delivers quality with a range of services . My staff and I are HUGE fans of their work.

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    Fred W. Layman III - Founder, iBuddyClub

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    TheWebPatriot team have got deep knowledge of Wordpress , PHP, Laraval , CodeIgnitor framework and other PHP frameworks. They have not only completed my website in a timely manner but has been helping me in maintaining and upgrading my site in a timely manner. I would highly recommend TheWebPatriot

    for web and mobile app based projects

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    Subhasish Rath - Cofounder, Webricots