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  • Consumer Psychologist and Copywriter

    $39/hr Starting at $300 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    How do you really connect with human beings? You tell an emotional story that makes people feel more, because they will do more. This is understanding people and what I'm all about and do. That is why...



Rational marketing has had its day. It's all about emotion. If we feel good about something, we think it's the right choice.

Your behaviour is not powered by rational, logical thinking. We are an emotional and social species, and so is your communication. You feel more than you think.

My behavioural insights, from over 4+ years psychology experience, can create tailored Copywriting, Articles, Social Media Advertising and Websites that will better engage and connect with consumers to you and your brand - based on how they feel.

Why else would retailers spend thousands, if not millions of pounds on advertising to capture our hearts during Christmas or the Superbowl?

Work Terms

I take a flexible approach to suit your needs, wherever you are in the world. For each project, please do connect and we can have a friendly chat about your project, what you're looking for and time completion.