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Tinderbox Lab is a marketing and design studio with more than thirteen years of experience using strategic storytelling to attract customers and increase profits.

Strategic storytelling is a powerful marketing tool because of the strong neurological responses stories can evoke in your customers. Neurological research indicates that compelling stories can cause our brains to produce cortisol, which helps us focus, oxytocin, which makes us feel empathy and connection, and dopamine, which makes us feel more hopeful and optimistic. And because studies show that we make purchasing decisions based on our emotions rather than on facts alone, strategic storytelling is the best way to attract customers and increase profits.

Named after the Hans Christian Andersen story about a resourceful soldier who acquires a magic tinderbox capable of summoning three powerful dogs that do his bidding and make him rich beyond his wildest dreams, Tinderbox Lab is a place where storytelling, innovation, creativity, and strategy come together to connect your great idea with the customers you deserve.

Lela has over a decade of experience using the power of strategic storytelling to attract clients and increase profits for clients like Thomson Reuters, Rooftop Films, and The University of Arizona. With a B.F.A in Screenwriting and an M.F.A in Fiction, she combines age-old storytelling principles with cutting-edge strategy to increase your marketing ROI.

Bree is an award-winning poet and graphic designer. Bree uses her deep understanding of visual storytelling and the emotional impact of images to create design that increases conversion rates as well as brand recognition, trustworthiness, and likability. She finds design inspiration wherever she goes, from old houses to Instagram, from wine bottle labels to hand lettered signs, from drugstore aisles to the opera.

Founded: 2016

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