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  • FEM Specialist

    $30/hr Starting at $25

    I'm mechanical engineer deeply interested in problems of structural mechanics and finite element analysis. I never stop educating and I'm really passionate in what I do. I can provide you stress-strain...

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Employment history:

FEM Specialist
ZF Engineering
Job description: Making a Stress-Strain analysis, dynamic
analysis and mutibody simulation of various parts of passenger
cars drivetrain – dual mass flywheels, differentials, gearboxes,

FEM Specialist
Doosan Škoda Power
Job description: Making a Stress-Strain analysis and dynamic
analysis of various parts of steam turbine – rotors, casings,
blades, valves, carriers, bearings, heat exchangers

Designer at R&D department
Job description: Designing of machine covers in Solid Edge

Education history:

Brno University of Technology
Master of Engineering
Master's thesis: Stress and strength analysis of steam turbine valve. Grade: A
Graduated with honours.
One semester of my master's studies took part in the Erasmus+ at the Norwegian University of Technology. (Subjects: Continuum mechanics, Dynamic Response to Irregular Loadings, Steel Structures, Design of Wind Turbine)
Bachelor's thesis: Modeling aorta as a laminate with stiffness varying across the thickness. (Grade: A)