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I am a C++/C#/Py/Go/Solidity software architect/developer with 15+ years of experience in development
highly-efficient software in trading/financial/betting/crypto/blockchain areas,
HFT ultra-low-latency cross-brokers multi-asset algoritmic tools.
Financial Information Exchange (FIX/FAST), OUCH/ITCH , and proprietary APIs solutions and certifications tests for real-time exchanges and brokers based on QuickFix/Fix8/Onix engines.
- Quant strategies as a custom software as well as for range of major trading platforms like Metatrader, NinjaTrader, CQG, ThinkOfSwim, SmartQuant, StockSharp, TradingTechnologies, InteractiveBrokers.
- BETTING real-time custom execution algoritmic software and historical strategies (in-play, play-by-play pre-match) for Betfair,Betdaq,Pinnacle.
- Financial tools using decentrilized blockchain technologies, EOS, Ethereum contracts, Solidity, DeFi, Uniswap

Work Terms

communication via email and skype