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"Just Give Me Money And Ill Do Shit For You"

I am an expert 3D , 2D artist !
I've begun my journey to 3d modeling since i was young , with a passion towards drawing i have always found it easy to imagine and manipulate space in my head and then on paper , later by studying architecture and taking drawing classes in high-school my abilities increased , continuing this path in university by studying architecture and urban planning
I have found software where my true abilities shine these were CAD program such as Autocad and 3Ds max , where instinctually i got attached and learned very fast ... My speed and ability to draw or create in such programs was unmatched and even was asked to tutor my fellow class mates
I continued on this journey on my own since as the requirement for such programs inside the university scene was as important as it would have seen at least the level i require to achieve that of creating animations like those seen on TV or advertising.

I want one day to live well , having my own

Work Terms

I do 3D modeling, renderings and animation.
For 2D work tehnical drawing , logo , vector work , photo manipulation/editing.

I work 8-12 hours a day for a normal project , and can do 16 for deadlines or fast projects, but for overtime i do except the client to reward accordingly.

Payment should be done via this site/paypal.

And as for communcation , via site messaging system or directly email.