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High-Converting Copy That Sells

You know that copy is crucial for your online business success.

You learn that it's the lifeblood behind ALL your marketing

You know without good copy, it can potentially KILL the sales you could be making...

... However, you know you don't have TIME to learn copywriting.

It feels like you have an endless amount of things to do.

So you know you need to delegate...

You then look on Guru for someone who can write high-converting copy that’ll deliver results.

But you start to feel overwhelmed with the large pool of applicants...

Seems if you're on a budget, the only choices are mediocre writers with questionable english

On the other hand, someone native who can do a great job could cost you an arm and a leg.

So where do you look?

The answer is in the middle…

… And that is where I come in...

Hi, I’m Tuan,

I am a fresh online copywriter who will make your online marketing SELL

Emails, Landing Pages, Articles, Sales Letters.

You name the job and I will deliver it.

Here is the honest truth though…

I may not be the best copywriter in the world (Heck I've been doing this barely 6 months)

I am certainly not for those who want to save a few bucks.

But one thing is certain…

… Whether it’s leads, opt-ins, or sales

I will deliver high-converting copy that will get you those results.

On-time at a reasonable price.

Here is why you should hire me:

- I have almost 10 years experience in sales, human psychology, persuasion, influence and marketing.

- I have studied/continue to study the most successful copywriting campaigns in history

- I’ve been mentored by some of the top copywriters in the industry

- I've generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients in direct sales over the years, and I will now do the same for the world of online copywriting

I am currently taking onboard 3-4 new clients to work with on short/long term projects

So if you're ready to take your business sales and conversions to the next level, send me a message.