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  • Academic Writing

    $20/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I provide content design and development services for textbooks up to Grade 12. Subjects include Computer Science, Computer Applications, English Language and Comprehension, and Science subjects like...

    App DevelopmentBlogsChemistryComputer ScienceContent Marketing
  • Creative Writing

    $20/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    My creative writing services include providing content in the form of ebooks and blogs, and other services like outlining, worldbuilding, and character development.

    BlogsCharacter DesignContent WritingCreative WritingeBooks
  • Ghost Writing & Books

    $15/hr Starting at $200 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource


    BlogsContent WritingErotica WritingFantasyFantasy And Gothic Genre Writing


Academic Writer/Ghostwriter

As a ghostwriter and editor, my job has always been to help my clients get their best possible work out into the market.

Everyone knows that marketing the book is a challenging job and for a book to hit the big lists, the content needs to be in proper order. As an editor, my job is to polish the book in a way that could hook a reader right from the beginning of a story. I believe that appropriate and well-edited content is essential to maintain a loyal reader base for any author, and I help them do just that.

I am a ghostwriter as well. I believe that every story needs to be told, every idea needs to be given shape, and every author needs to get their idea turned into consumable content. My job is to work with the author and convert their idea into something worthy of publishing. I understand the current market trends and tropes, so I perfectly am in sync with the write-to-market strategy the authors employ.

Apart from the two above, I also specialize in outlining (where I use templates like the Hero's Journey, Five Act Structure etc to create outlines to enable authors to write stories based on these outlines), worldbuilding (where I create worlds and define behaviors for that world, where I research and then use such research to create magic systems, society and religious structures, genealogies, gaming statistics, etc so that authors can use this as a template while writing their stories, to use this as a lexicon of sorts for reference purposes), character sheets (where I define the attributes and behavior of the characters in the project), adaptations (where I convert books into screenplays/teleplays), and novelization (where I convert screenplays/teleplays into books).

Work Terms

I generally charge 0.02$ per word for a fixed price ghostwriting projects. I do not charge upfront however I insist upon milestone payments. Half the agreed amount for half the work done or any such milestone as we agree upon during the formation of the contract.As far as hourly jobs are confirmed, my normal charge is 15$ an hour but for transcription and translation jobs, I would not charge more than 5$ an hour.I am generally available 24x7 as I am a full time freelancer. When a contract is formed, it is agreed that both me and the client give feedback to each other after the contract is finished and wholly paid for so as to help in future endeavors.I accept payment through only. I am willing to communicate with you through other channels such as online chats, email and skype/zoom/google meet, but the payment should be made through only.