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  • Yann 14 · Jan 01, 2017

    My second job with Vimora and again, a great pleasure to work with. Vincent is a great listener and really understood what I was looking for. Even some of my outlandish ideas, which I wasn't sure would work, he managed to pull off with aplomb. He is very patient and willing to iron out details in the work until it is just how you want it. I can whole heartedly recommend him for character illustrations and I'm sure he would be equally capable for a wide variety of other art work. I was also very pleased with the system of communication and payment with guru dot com. I am sure you won't be disappointed if you get Vimora to illustrate your ideas.

    for Black and white cartoon art

  • Yann 14 · Oct 17, 2016

    Vimora is an incredibly talented artist. It was my good fortune to find him right away on visiting The job I had was very demanding and I had a very particular vision that I wanted translated. Vimora very skilfully translated the descriptions of my characters, their physical traits and psychology, into beautiful and accurate pictures. The communication was always succinct and to the point but easy going and friendly. Like I said, mine was not an easy job but Vimora stripped away all the complexities and got right to the essence of what I was trying to express. He followed my detailed instructions but added his own individuality and style to the project that really bought the art to life. The finished product is way beyond my expectations. I have a cover that I'm really excited and proud about. I did check around and I couldn't find another artist that had the craftsmanship and individuality that I was looking for; even amongst so called professional studios. I'm so happy that I choose to work with Vimora and can recommend him whole heartedly and I look forward to working with him again soon.

    for cartoon art

  • Claire 38 · Sep 09, 2016

    This man has talent! Superlative service! Vincent is patient and kind! So surprised to find his talent and excellent service on this site. I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed if you hire him. He will be illustrating my whole book so do not keep him too busy hee!hee!

    for Cover comic

  • Frank 169 · Jul 03, 2016

    Another refreshing experience with the master. It is such a pleasure to work with a man whose skills are expert, but who understands what you want and gives it to you without error, without wasted time, and with the highest quality. I emphasize the fact that Vimora reads exactly what you demand in your art work, and translates those demands into concrete illustrations that surpass expectations every time. It's never hit and miss with Vimora. Truly the best illustrator I've worked with, and I've worked with many. The only regret I have is that I did not know about him months ago, because I would have had him prepare all the illustrations for my current project. Vimora is recommended with the utmost enthusiasm for any art work, image creation, or illustration of any kind.

    for Illustration Cover

  • Frank 169 · Jun 07, 2016

    It is really sad that there are so many inflated ratings given on "artists" on this website because Vimora stands head and shoulders above them all. In addition to his outstanding quality, there is no time wasted working with him. Where other "artists" seem either illiterate, not paying attention to your notes, or simply ignore you, Vimora takes what you tell him and puts it on canvas (or electrons). He has my highest recommendation.

    for Illustration Sidewalk Thailand

  • Frank 169 · May 31, 2016

    I have not worked with an Illustrator whose skill exceeds Vimora. The illustration he did here is outstanding and exceeded my expectations. Incredible detail. Also an excellent communicator, with a rare ability to take my ideas and put them into a picture. I would give him 6 stars for Technical Skill, but highest available is 5.

    for Illustration flea eater

  • Julie 75 · Apr 12, 2016

    I really enjoyed working with Vimora and was perfectly happy with the artwork he delivered. I specially appreciated is flexibility and his will to understand my request. I highly recommend him.

    for Creator of DIY projects in Arts & Crafts

  • Matthew 196 · Dec 15, 2015

    Vincent provided a great illustration and great service. We provided a brief of what we were looking for and he exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with the final result. I would not hesitate to use him again and highly recommend his services to anyone needing a top notch illustrator.

    for One page comic illustration

  • LeoneTrust · Sep 21, 2015

    Vimora is fast, talented, a good communicator and very professional. He was confident in his ability to deliver and he did. It was a pleasure working with him.

    for Original Line Art of 10 Safari Animals

  • AuteurDeVie · Jul 23, 2014

    Exactly what we wanted. Fast worker and very talented. We don't need drawings often but I can guarantee the next time I do, I'll be calling on Vimora!!! Thanks for the awesome trolls. :-)

    for 3 Monster Character Images

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