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  • Chuck 74 · Aug 18, 2020

    Vineet Begwani, is one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished financial person I have worked with in my 40 plus career in business. His command of every aspect of financial modelling was exceptional and his attention to details and to stay on budget and time schedule was amazing. He provided with what we needed and answered and explained all our questions in a timely manner. Would love to tap his expertise again in the near future.

    for Financial Model for Gas Export Facility

  • Ashish 322 · Aug 06, 2020

    Another excellent experience with Vineet.

    for DB IM & 2-Pager Project

  • Ashish 322 · Aug 06, 2020

    I started working with Vineet on one project. Since he has completed over half a dozen projects for me. Each involved generating detailed and summary marketing materials for the sale of a small business. In most cases, he also generated financial statements to be included in the marketing materials. When I assign a project to Vineet, I feel relief and a weight lifted from my shoulders. I know that he will produce a consistently high quality of output. If anything, the quality of his work has increased as we have continued working together. Because of his high communication proficiency, I am comfortable with his communicating directly with my clients to nail down complex financial questions. He is the only freelancer who I allow to communicate directly with my clients. I hope to be able to offer more types of work to Vineet in the future.

    for Skill IM & 2-Pager Project