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  • Python
  • Backend Development
  • Django
  • C#
  • Django Framework
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • PyQt
  • Amazon AWS
  • App Development
  • CSS
  • Digital
  • PostgreSQL

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  • Computer Vision, Deep Learning Engineer

    $40/hr Starting at $500

    - Real-time object detection, tracking, counting and recognization - Image semantic analysis and segmentation - PDF parsing, extracting text and information - LPR - real-time license plate recognitionbr...

    AnalyticsComputer VisionDeep LearningDigitalDigital Signal Processing
  • Python Application Development

    $25/hr Starting at $100

    - Developed desktop application using Python and Rust - Built cross-platform application using PyQT and PySide - Designed and implemented web apis using Django and DRF (Django Rest Framework) - Build...

    AmazonAmazon EC2Amazon S3App DevelopmentAWS Lambda
  • Digital Signal Processing

    $25/hr Starting at $100

    - Audio recognition, Signal filtering, Music classification - Python & PyQt & Tkinter (ttk, wxPython), Java & Swing & Maven, C# & VB.NET, - Qt (QML), Perl, Golang, Elixir - WPF (with MVVM architecture)...

    AmazonAmazon AWSApp DevelopmentAzureC#
  • Bluetooth Lock Hardware Design with App

    $40/hr Starting at $500

    This is the device which is locked and unlocked by mobile app via BLE. It's based on nRF52832 Nordic BLE SoC. I designed PCB layout of the device, industrial design and programmed the firmware and Android/iOS...

    Artificial IntelligenceC#Embedded DevelopmentEmbedded SystemsJava
  • Full-stack Web Development

    $25/hr Starting at $100


    Amazon AWSAngularJSAPI DevelopmentApp DevelopmentAWS


My mission is to make your idea into the real product.

Welcome to my profile!!!

This is a self-motivated Ukrainian software developer experienced in several programming languages and OOP application development. Over the last several years, I have developed Desktop and web applications (cross-platform) using Python, Rust, C#, VB.NET, and Java. Having a solid experiences in web data scraping and ETL. Also, Having a in-depth knowledge in OOP and Multi-threading programming architecture.

- Python / PyQt / Tkinter, Rust, Java & Swing & Maven, C# & VB.NET,
- Qt (QML), Perl, Golang, Elixir
- WPF (with MVVM architecture) and WinForms
- Microsoft Office development (VBA macros)
- Database integration (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and DynamoDB)
- Multi-threading and Asynchronous programming
- Web Data Scraping (Scrapy, Selenium, BS4, and requests)
- Amazon EC2 & S3, Azure, Digital Ocean