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  • Creative Writer and Voice Over Artist

    $20/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    In the past few years, I have written over 30 poems, 5 short stories and one book. I've been registered in an online writing community for more than 6 years, where my writing is constantly reviewed, encouraged,...

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"Being creative is not a hobby. It's a way of life."

For as long as I can remember, storytelling was my door towards healthy self-expression, connection with others, enjoyment, productive solitude and sometimes, during the time I grew up, when the world was difficult to understand, my writings had helped me feel more balanced and more guided to find answers to my own questions and wonderings.

I graduated from the Arab Open University in 2014 with a Bachelor degree in English Literature and Arts. The following year, I obtained a Diploma in Translation and Interpretation. I've worked with children for more than two years and during the times I worked, I almost never failed to find a way to tell a story either by playing a video/ film to my students, by encouraging them to get up and act a part of our lesson, or by drawing characters and events on the board.

I was and still am inspired by many writers and artists; Paulo Coelho, Earnest Hemingway, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jack London, and many others.

Gabriel Garcia once, in an introduction of one of his books, talked about the secret to his rich imaginative scenes and the quality of his work. He told us that the key to surprising the reader and creating an interesting plot is to mold the fantasy with the ordinary.. In that way, when a reader passes by a nonchalant sentence that, for example, describes a woman rising and flying in the sky after hanging the laundry, we are bound to read the part again and again in order to absorb the amazing or even impossible happenings!

In my spare time, I enjoy watching films, cooking and sharing recipes with family and friends, practicing meditation and yoga, reading with my little brother before bed, drawing and coloring, all of which, from time to time, would light up a spark of inspiration for a future short story or poem.

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