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  • Jerry_Peters · May 21, 2013

    I am glad gives us chance to give feedback to IT companies whom we deal with here. In a nutshell, I strongly recommend Webvirtue and can vouch for them anytime of the day.. Here is my experience dealing with them. They are decent sized company, very cost effective and prompt at first place and that's why they got my project. They handled my project very well, spend enough time and gave required due diligence to it and made sure to suggest me what I am missing at every step. The project completed well in time and in my budget. Webvirtue guys time and again came up with innovative ideas to solve my critical business problems which made end product lot better than what I had in my mind. I am amazed to deal with lot Ex-IITins (No 1 engineering institute of India) in this company and how easy is for IITins to resolve any issues which my other vendors delayed it for years. Many thanks Webvirtue.. Hope to work with you again!!! Best regards!

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