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    A structural engineer responsible for designing any kind of structure so that it can fulfil a specific purpose, and remain safe, economic and functioning throughout its intended lifetime. investigating...

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Man of Steel

Welcome! I am an authorized B.S.C Civil Engineer, from Bangladesh. I have graduated from BUET, the best engineering UNIVERSITY of our country. I have practical experience of 3 years and Designing experience of 4 years. Over all that makes it 7 years in this interesting Feild. I continually educate myself with the latest trends, i never tend to disappoint.

Work Terms

Structural engineering design is normally office-based work, but can also involve site visits (checking dimensions, site conditions and so on), and will involve standard working hours.
There would normally be a couple of site visits to determine available space, height restrictions etc at the start. However, once these dimensions are established, it would mostly involve lot of office work. A final site visit would usually be carried out to check that what you propose can be built.
During the construction stage, the work is mostly site-based, with some office work needed if changes arise. The hours can be longer for site-based engineers, particularly if programme constraints demand accelerated progress.
There may be times when external conditions affect the available working time, and overnight working may be necessary. Equally, environmental noise may limit the hours that can be worked near inhabited areas. A good engineer would have considered all these points at an early stage of the design process, minimising potential problems.
During construction, a resident engineer carries out day-to-day supervision and confirms that the building does exactly what the designer intended.

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