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  • Trademark Registration
  • Branding
  • China Manufacturing
  • Chinese Language
  • Copyright Law
  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Assistants
  • Licensing Consulting
  • Patents
  • Trademark
  • Trademark Consulting
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  • Trademarks


  • Copyright or trademark registration

    $40/hr Starting at $200 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    7 years of experience in legal practice in China. This fee is for filing a trademark on 1 class or copyright application and includes the official fee. Please feel free to contact me for specific inquiries...

    BrandingChina ManufacturingChinese LanguageCopyright LawLegal Advice


Data entry| Chinese Law| VA |Word Design| Tutor

✅Data entry/ research/Design
Word/ Excel/ PPT
Careful, thorough and discreet

✅All matters about Chinese/Mandarin

✅Patent, Trademark and Copyright Protection:
Remove infringement and copycat
👉Report to Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress, AliCloud etc.
👉Send DMCA
👉Send Cease and Desist Letter

✅Product Design Protection:
draft and review Legal Agreement in Chinese and English.
👉NNN Agreement
👉OEM, ODM, Manufacturing Agreement
👉Mold Agreement;
👉Agency Agreement;
👉Referral Agreement;
👉License Agreement;
👉Illustrator Agreement;
👉Employment Agreement;

✅China Trademark, Design and Copyright filing trademark

✅Chinese Company Online Due Diligence
👉Understand the basic information and business risks of the Chinese companies you work with to avoid losses

✅Graduated from university in 2015
2015-2018: Work in a Law Firm in Zhejiang as a Registered Lawyer.
2018-2020: Alibaba Group: Intellectual Property Commissioner.
2020-2021: Bytedance(TikTok China): Intellectual Property Specialist
2021-Xiaohongshu(Facebook or Instagram): In-house Lawyer

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