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I am resourceful; can I help lighten your load?

Thirty years in the workforce have earned me a belly full of analytical skills to technical skills, communication and customer service skills. I have the ability to work well with diverse groups. With strong technical, analytical skills and experience, I am at ease with different set of utilized statistical tools to conduct program analysis of potential fraud and abuse. The extensive of software knowledge (MS EXCEL, Microsoft Word, ACCESS, PowerPoint, VISIO, Lotus Notes, STARS, Lexis Nexis, Custom View, Business Objects, SQL, SPSS, SAP, Analyst’s Notebook, Choice Point, etc.) support me with my analytical and mathematical skills.

With my current position as a subcontractor Business System Analyst and Change Management Specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and my prior positions as a Fraud Investigator and a Business Analyst; I have led many projects with my knack for interacting with people, contributed my project-management skills, while motivating team members, fine-tuning project plans, and juggling multiple activities.

Working with people is my joy and with my investigative background and experience, I enjoy meeting, interviewing, working with, and interacting with all various people and professional, i.e. from the Judge to the transient on the street, from the sick, the helpless (elder and disabled) at the nursing homes to the law enforcement personnel.

I am a goal oriented, a self-starter and an organizer. I strive to do the best possible job, and have the ability to get things done. I perform well under pressure and in changing, adverse or uncertain conditions. I adjust and adapt. I am a dependable and persistent, stick to task until complete. I dedicate appropriate time and effort to accomplish my job. You'll find that I am extremely adept at keeping all the balls in the air while juggling multiple projects and retaining my sense of humor.

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I am seeking a part-time position to earn extra money. I love my day job and do not wish to leave it. I am available after 3 PM weekday and open on weekend. Monetary compensation is negotiable based on the type of work.

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