Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

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When it comes to illustrating, my forte is usually in character designing. I've always loved making sketches of characters from books I've read, or directly from my head. Conceptualizing is also one of my passions.
My forte is in visually interpreting an idea, giving it a concrete form.

Work Terms

Payment Method:- I normally prefer Paypal or this site's preferred payment system. How I work:- When I get hired, either I contact the client, or vice versa, work out the details through emails and other types of communication, and start from there. After finishing a rough sketch, I send it to the client for approval and for any revisions. If the client asks for any WIP's, I also screencap my progress and send it to them.How to contact me:- Any interested clients can contact me through my email, lunaticeia@gmail.com. I also have MSN and Skype, but I only give them to clients that would ask for it.Work hours/availablity:- I have a full time job, but my work there has an inconsistent time, so that enables me to do illustrations and whatnot during my free time. I always check my email at work, so whenever a client emails me, I can most likely respond immediately. My timezone is +8, though I try to adjust my time for the benefit of the client.