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Additional Features


SafePay helps create transparency on the platform. It is a shared account, funded by the Employer before starting work. When SafePay is funded, the Freelancer feels confident that funds are available and the Employer feels secure that work can be reviewed before making the payment.

Funds in SafePay aren’t tied to one specific job or task and can be used to make payments for any work done with respect to the job – pay for tasks, milestones, hours, miscellaneous work, or even bonuses. Funds can be released to either the Employer or the Freelancer upon Agreement. In case of a disagreement, either party can request for Arbitration, as long as funds are available in SafePay.

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AutoPay allows Employers to make payments automatically within a pre-defined period once the invoice is due. Once set in the Agreement; outstanding invoices are automatically paid from the SafePay funds within the defined time frame. Only Agreements based on Fixed Price, Hourly, and Recurring Payments can be set up for AutoPay.

An Employer can extend the AutoPay date, if needed.

Scope of Work

Scope of work defines Freelancer’s understanding of the job, their solution (tools or methodology), and overall project plan, including the deliverables and timelines. It may also contain files or Freelancer’s Portfolio to help you make a more accurate assessment of Freelancer’s capability. A well-developed scope of work is indicative of Freelancer’s understanding of the job and their approach to delivery.

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