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My Employers

“My Employers” lists all Employers you’ve worked with on Guru. It also shows the performance and referral incentive you have earned from each Employer, per quarter. 

Each Employer record details the incentive type, total incentive earned and the option to add a job requested by the Employer.

For Employers you have connected with on Guru, we display your all-time earnings from the Employer. Once your all-time earnings from an Employer are more than $25,000, you will start earning performance incentive on all the transactions with them.  

For Employers you have invited to work with you on Guru, you will earn referral incentive with immediate effect on all transactions the Employers makes on Guru (including those with other Freelancers). Referral incentive will be earned for 8 quarters after which you earn performance incentive on every transaction with that Employer.

Learn more about performance and referral incentive.

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