We hope you have a positive and successful relationship with your Freelancer. However, if you cannot come to a mutual resolution, we do offer arbitration services for any funds in SafePay

    All invoice payments are final. We only offer arbitration services for funds that are in SafePay.

    Once you request Arbitration, our Arbitrators will review the expectations of the job, the communication between both parties, and verify that work was delivered.

    During Arbitration, both parties have the opportunity to provide additional evidence or comments to the WorkRoom for the arbitrators to consider (any additional agreements you accepted, relevant files, screenshots of any relevant communication, etc.)

    Once a ruling is reached, the funds in SafePay will be distributed. You will receive an email with a link to view the details of the arbitrators’ findings.

    Cost of Arbitration:
    Arbitration costs 5% of the SafePay balance, with a minimum of $25.

    This fee is taken from the funds in SafePay.

    For example, if there is $1,000 in SafePay when you request Arbitration, the arbitration fee would be, $50.

    Fee: $1,000 – 5%= $50
    Total amount in Arbitration: $950

    If the SafePay balance is $50 or less, the balance will be split between you and the Freelancer.

    Requesting Arbitration
    If you and the Freelancer can’t agree on how to distribute the funds in SafePay either of you has the right to “Request Arbitration”.

    In order to request arbitration, there has to be funds in SafePay and an active “Release Request

    To Request Arbitration:

    1. Select the job title from the “Manage” section of your account.
    2. Select the appropriate Freelancer.
    3. On the left side of the screen – click on the box that says, “SafePay.”
    4. On the right side of the screen – click “Request Arbitration.”

    If the amount in SafePay is $50 or less, we will waive our Arbitration fee and split the balance between you and the Freelancer.

    Providing Additional Evidence:
    Once Arbitration is opened, you can provide additional evidence in your job’s WorkRoom to support how you believe the SafePay funds should be distributed.

    Arbitration can last up to 7 days, but in order to give the arbitrators time to review all the information—we recommend that you submit any additional evidence within 3 days of opening Arbitration.

    Examples of Additional Evidence:

    • Any supplementary agreements both you and the Freelancer accepted.
    • Files or instructions that you shared.
    • Screenshots of any discussion that pertain to your case.
    • Completed work with notes about why it did or did not meet the agreed requirements.

    The Ruling:
    Once the arbitrators reach a ruling, you will receive an email stating how the funds have been distributed with a link to view the ruling.

    You can also see the arbitration results by visiting the SafePay section of the job’s WorkRoom.

    Pursuant to Section 6(B)(2) of the Terms of Service, the arbitrators’ decision is final, binding and cannot be appealed.