How it Works

Easy to hire. Easy to work. Easy to pay.

Get Started

Create a free Employer or Freelancer account in minutes. Employers post jobs — Freelancers create profiles and submit quotes to open jobs. Employers review the quotes, communicate with the freelancers, and choose who they want to Hire.

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Get to Work

Work together to create an agreement. Agreements set up how and when payments will be made on your job — we always recommend starting every job with an agreement you feel comfortable with. We have four different agreement types that you can choose from, and each one can be customized.

  • Pay by Milestones

  • Pay by Task

  • Pay by Hour

  • Pay Using Recurring Payments

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Payments Made Safe

SafePay is a simple and secure solution to make and receive payments. It's easy to use, transparent, and full of flexibility. With SafePay, Freelancers can see when a job is funded, and Employers get the opportunity to review the work before releasing funds.

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