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Airbrushing refers to any retouching done to a photo to give it an even and consistent surface and to create a high level of realism. Airbrushing basically is thus manipulating the original photograph – either by deleting people or objects, removing blemishes or scars from people’s faces, or even by altering the shape of the body. A professional who specializes in airbrushing and is proficient with various tools of this process is called an airbrush artist.

What Does an Airbrush Artist Do?

Airbrush artist is a painter who uses a precision paint sprayer that is powered by compressed air. Airbrush artists use their air-powered brushes to create different materials and surfaces. Hence, they can paint on t-shirts, or canvas or even on the human body; they work in watercolor and other paints, in dyes and inks and even in makeup foundation. They are also seen in theatre and stage productions where they may paint sets or props or even the backdrop. A number of airbrush artists undertake custom airbrushing and make designs on motorbikes, helmets or create murals. These are graphic designs like flames on a motorbike’s body or a skull on a biker’s helmet.

Airbrush artists also edit and improve a photograph and make it look aesthetically appealing. This improvement could be done in a number of ways, such as removing imperfections, restoring faded and damaged images. They may correct or re-touch the color or shade of an image using chemical, computerized or mechanical tools. They edit photographic prints as well as the negatives.

An airbrush artist may specialize in industrial or mechanical design or in photograph restoring. The best airbrush artists are seen working in the media industry – in advertising, publications, creative design agencies, media houses, and television and film production houses. However, due to their increased demand, a majority of these artists undertake freelance work and the best airbrush artists can be found on Guru – one of the best freelance websites for beginners.

When looking for airbrush artists, make sure your freelancer can:

  • Creatively conceptualize and execute an original design or artwork.

  • Examine drawings or photographs to determine changes required.

  • Restore damaged or faded photographs.

  • Create, print and position masking templates.

  • Think creatively and deliver in the stipulated time.

  • Modify and revising art designs.

Qualifications of an Airbrush Artist

It is ideal for your freelancer to have the following skills:

  • Experience in graphic art or in the airbrushing technique

  • Ability to create original designs or imitate sample ones as per the client’s needs

  • Capability to think out-of-the-box

  • Attention to detail and ability to work methodically

All top airbrush artists have a portfolio, showcasing their specialties and areas of interest. Thus, an airbrush artist who undertakes custom airbrushing maybe most suited for painting a motorbike helmet, but an airbrush artist with a background in graphic designing would be best suited for retouching pictures for a publication.

Benefits of Freelance Airbrush Artists

Airbursh artists have an eye for detail and ensure that the tiniest of blemish is taken care of. They are artists who have achieved high precision skills and this reflects in their work – each one being different from the other.

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