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Spam emails are unsolicited messages that are sent in bulk for marketing or promotion. Such emails are generally sent without the recipient’s permission. Viruses are a kind of malware which are designed to corrupt or access information on computer devices and generally come from unfamiliar websites or email attachments. Anti-spam and antivirus software protect sensitive and personal data from hackers. Anti-spam is any hardware, software or process to block spam from entering a system. Anti-spam filtering options give additional control over email messages. They use a set of protocols to determine unsought and unwanted messages and prevent those from getting to a user’s inbox. Anti-spam solutions offer protection against threats such as ransomware and phishing attacks and can be customized as per one’s needs. An antivirus is a software which contains a program or set of programs to prevent, detect and remove viruses such as trojans, worms, spyware or adware. It scans specific files for any malware and removes the malicious code that gets detected. Anti-spam and antivirus professionals help in preventing cyber-attacks on information systems and confidential data. If you want to safeguard your organization’s computer networks and systems, you can hire antispam and antivirus experts.

What do Antispam and Antivirus Experts do?

Antispam and antivirus experts are software engineers who devise strategies to improve security practices when developing a software application. They possess knowledge of attack vectors and save software from getting exploited in the system. They use languages like Python, C#, Java, CB, PHP, PEARL for security software development and work on Operating Systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. They ensure the security of the systems by using tools and processes like anti-virus, EDR software, firewalls, intrusion detection and content filtering. By using networking protocols like TCP/IP, DNS, and SSL, they specify how data should be transmitted, routed and received. These experts use Splunk, Qualys methodologies and tools for risk assessment. Antispam experts work to develop antispam filters and software like Mailwasher, SpamTitan, Spamilhilator and many others to control, clean and protect the system. McAfee, Norton, BullGuard, ScanGuard Security Suite, Avast, AVG and Bitdefender are some of the antivirus software which are developed by such experts to keep malware out of the system. These Engineers use Firewalls services to enhance the security of computer systems when connected to a network.

You can find freelance antispam and antivirus services on Guru, one of the best websites to hire freelancers. Before you do so, ensure that the person has:

  • Experience in intrusion detection and prevention.
  • Knowledge of security policies, procedures and standards.
  • Software development experience in Python, Java or C++.
  • Proficiency in scripting languages.

Qualifications of Antivirus and Antispam Experts

It is ideal that your freelancer has the following skills:

  • Bachelor's or Master’s degree in Computer Science, IT or a related field
  • Hands on experience in relational databases like SQL, MySQL, SQLite
  • Experience in utilizing security tools like CarbonBlack, LogRhythm or Splunk
  • Relevant certifications such as OSCP, CISSP and GPEN
  • Excellent understanding of software security architecture and design

Benefits of Hiring Freelance Antispam and Antivirus Services Experts

Hire antispam and antivirus services experts to get your work done and they can:

  • Identify security risks and work with product engineers to create mitigations.
  • Develop training materials to educate others on security technologies.
  • Build the tools and infrastructure necessary for fixing security flaws.
  • Perform internal and external security audits for existing applications.

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