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How Professional Freelance Ethical Hackers Can Help You

Hacking is the process of gaining unauthorized access to a network or computer system. The process works by carefully identifying the weakness of a particular computer system and exploiting such weaknesses in order to gain access to valuable personal or business information. Hacking uses a computer system, server, or network to carry out online fraudulent activities known as Cybercrimes such as theft, privacy invasion, fraud, personal or business data stealing, amongst others.

Ethical hacking is carried out by individuals known as ethical hackers. The goal of certified ethical hackers is to keep your information, system, and server safe by altering security features and system functions. Despite the negativity that comes with hacking and hackers, they are still employed by some top organizations and corporations as part of their staff. The function of ethical hackers in those organizations is to apply their hacking skills to ascertain any area where there happens to be a loophole in the company’s security system. Certified ethical hackers can help you find server, network, and website security breaches within your business. Hacking experts also use their skills and experience to prevent your business from being the target of any computer-related theft and crime. Some of the techniques used in ethical hacking include vulnerability scanner, password cracking, spoofing attacks, rootkit, viruses, network penetration, and other hacking means. 

Through the use of these techniques, a certified hacker will work to keep your business system, information, network, and server safe, making sure you’re not vulnerable to any attacks from black hat hackers.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Ethical Hackers

Although ethical hackers use the same methods as malicious hackers, their intent is positive. One of the important considerations you need to make when hiring an ethical hacker is certification. Every certified ethical hacker should have a certificate to prove that they have had the necessary training and experience to do the work professionally. The most common being the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificate. This is the certificate issued to an ethical hacker when they successfully complete an accredited course in data security training.

This course offers advanced hacking tools and techniques that are commonly used by freelance hackers and other info security professionals to break into information systems, which makes it the ideal training program for penetration testers, cybersecurity consultants, site administrators, system auditors, and other security professionals.  

Hiring a certified ethical hacker will benefit your business in many ways. For instance, a certified ethical hacker will give you peace of mind knowing that the person hacking into your system is credible and a certified ethical professional. Sometimes it’s not easy to differentiate between genuine ethical hackers and attackers masquerading as ethical hackers. But a certificate assures you that the freelance hacker you are dealing with is genuine.

A certificate serves as proof of training and qualification. Therefore, you are assured of quality when dealing with a certified ethical hacker. This freelance hacker will also add renewed impetus to your team by assisting them when conducting professional and effective security testing. A certified ethical hacker can also work with your internal developers to create tools that will help your business avoid common vulnerabilities. For instance, your developers will be informed of different coding errors that might expose you to the risk of penetration and other forms of cyber-attacks.

You can find freelance, professional hackers for hire on Guru who can help improve your business and application security.

What Jobs Can a Certified Ethical Hacker Do?

Also referred to as white hackers, certified ethical hackers perform many functions that are related to security systems. They require deep technical skills to be able to do the work of recognizing potential attacks that threaten your business and operational data. These skills allow an ethical hacker to perform many functions. For instance, it is the work of an ethical hacker to find vulnerabilities inside security systems. They will tell you which areas of your system are more susceptible to cyber-attacks and advise you on what to do to prevent attacks.

Also, an ethical hacker can demonstrate to you the techniques and tools used by attackers to hack into your system. This knowledge is important because it will help you to put in place measures that will avert possible attacks. Your ethical hacker will also help you prepare for cyber-attacks. Since they understand how attackers operate, they will work with the internal security team to prepare your system for any potential future attacks.

Techniques Used by a Certified Hacker      

Although ethical hackers use the same techniques as malicious attackers, they employ a reverse-engineering technique to imagine scenarios that could compromise your system. Some of the common techniques used by freelance ethical hackers include:

  • Scanning ports to identify vulnerable areas

  • Inspecting patch setup processes

  • Analyzing network traffic and sniffing

  • Attempting to avoid intrusion detection systems and intrusion deterrence systems

  • Testing methods to detect structured query language (SQL) injection

When you hire an ethical hacker, you are assured that your security system is foolproof and less susceptible to attacks by malicious hackers.  

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