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Top Audio Post Production Freelancing Services

  • View Service Offered By Scopic


    Rutland, Massachusetts, United States

    • java
    • c#
    • audacity

    Audio Processing

    When a Scopic team develops an audio processing app, we do it with your users’ needs in mind. We allow you to give them the utmost control and an intuitive interface that both beginners and seasoned p...

  • View Service Offered By ProWriter & Chaos Mgmt Services

    ProWriter & Chaos Mgmt Services

    Cuidad de Panama, Panama, Panama

    • audio post production
    • Creative Design
    • Jingles

    Audio Production and Postproduction

    Jingles, ads, announcements, voice-overs, audiobooks, scripture reading Using own voice, or client preferred voice. Fast, creative, professional.

  • View Service Offered By Shane Almgren

    Shane Almgren

    Nashville, Tennessee, United States

    • audio post production
    • Arranger
    • Audio Editing

    Studio Music Recording & Production

    I''ve been playing the piano/keyboards for 37 years, and have been playing professionally in Nashville for 15 of those, both in the studio and on tour. I''m an ASCAP songwriter, composer, and dj/produce...

  • View Service Offered By Stanislav D

    Stanislav D

    Seattle, Washington, United States

    • audio post production
    • Advertising
    • Content Editing

    Audio Post Production, Audio Production

    I am freelance Sound Designer, Music Composer, all-around Audio Guru. I have worked for many companies providing Audio and Music Production for games, films, series, audio programs, and advertisements...

  • View Service Offered By Denis P

    Denis P

    Krasnodar, Krasnodar, Russian Federation

    • audio post production
    • Arrangement
    • Composition

    Music Production, Audio Post-Production

    Music Production, Audio Production/Post-Production, Arrangement, Composition, Sound Design. Music Production for Advertising, Commercials, Video and media creative projects.

  • View Service Offered By Ali Ozbay

    Ali Ozbay

    Girne, Istanbul, Turkey

    • audio post production
    • Audio Editing
    • Audio Mastering

    Audio Post Production

    Audio Post Production | Audio Post Editing | Sound Design | Music production Can make your interviews, podcasts, movie audio sound flawless by editing, removing hums, echoes and processing to get the...

  • View Service Offered By Nikhil Kamble

    Nikhil Kamble

    Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

    • audio post production
    • Audio Editing
    • Audio Mixing

    Sound Designing & Audio Post Production

    Hello, I can design sounds, fix poorly recorded audio, mix and edit for you at the minimum price with highest possible quality. I have experience over 4 years.

  • View Service Offered By Yannick Thiry

    Yannick Thiry

    Leuven, Flemish Region, Belgium

    • audio post production
    • Audio Books
    • Audio Editing

    Sound Design - Audio Post-Production

    15 Years of professional Audio Experiences Deliverables; Stereo, Binaural Stereo, Any known Surround format (5.1 up to 22.2) Please find all info on my website;

  • View Service Offered By Kyle Newins

    Kyle Newins

    Belmar, New Jersey, United States

    • audio post production
    • Editing & Proofreading
    • Engineering

    Audio & Post Production Engineer

    I am an experienced Audio Editor and Post Production Engineer that is willing to tackle any job with skill and precision. Services Include: - Podcast Editing - Editing Audio for Video - Voice Over - A...

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Hire for Audio Post Production Services

Audio post-production is the umbrella term used for the different stages of producing sound and synchronizing it with a moving picture. This moving picture could be a movie, a television show or even a video clip. It is basically the process of creating the soundtrack for these visual formats. It involves sound design, sound effects, Foley, ADR, sound editing, audio mixing, and more.

What Does Audio Post Production Services Include?

The process of audio post-production takes place after the final cut of the film has been approved and involves editing and assembling the sound of the film. The process involves editing the dialogues and syncing them with the lip movements of actors, adding sound effects and design, adding background sounds and incorporating music. All this is achieved by different processes like production recording, sound design, sound editing and voice overs, music composition, Foley recording and mixing, which are carried out by a post-production audio engineer to create a lasting cinematic experience. Sound design is the process of recording, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements – for example in a war movie, the sound of the gun going off is an example of sound design. ADR or automated dialogue replacement is the process of recording new dialogue in a studio environment to sync with the video.

Sound editing, on the other hand, involves combining dialogue, sound effects and music into a final mix. Foley recording is simply the process of reproducing the sound effects of a film. Sound mixing is combining the different elements of the film’s soundtrack like dialogues, SFX and music to create something that sounds good and is in lieu with the project’s requirements.

Typically, a post-production audio engineer or a sound engineer leads the audio post-production for film, and many of these engineers are always looking to get freelance projects.

When looking to hire for audio post-production services, make sure the service provider can:

  • Design sound effects with varying styles.

  • Research, create, implement, mix and master quality sound effects.

  • Field record new assets and sound effects.

  • Edit and process voice over and music.

  • Record and edit dialogue.

  • Create sound design, voice-over processing and audio integration.

  • Define and manage audio objectives, goals and timeline.

  • Manage all necessary audio assets (sound files, scripts, models) associated with the film/project.

Qualifications of a Post-production Audio Engineer

It is ideal for your freelancers to have the following skills:

  • Professional education in Sound Engineering or related discipline

  • Experience in producing, editing and mixing sound effects

  • Up to date knowledge of commonly used plug-ins and SFX libraries for post-production

Benefits of Audio Post-Production Services

The right sound design adds an emotional connect to what the audiences are viewing. Different sounds can be layered together to create a completely new sound or sound effects – adding another angle to the corresponding visual image.

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