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Smart cards appear in many different forms, under many different names. SIM cards are used in cellular telephones, chip cards have recently surfaced, and smart cards are also used in many other credit cards. They are also known as ICCs, or "integrated circuit cards". Essentially, smart cards are a tiny card that store a lot of information including (but not limited to) multiple forms of identification, payment methods, and other banks of data. Some group multiple bases together so there are less physical cards for a user to keep track of. Smart cards can be programmed with varying types of information, and they are also optimized for security and ease of transport.

When it comes to technology, we seem to be in eternal ebb and flow between whether our devices should be small, or large. One thing that has stayed consistent is that forms of identification and security should remain as discreet as possible. Smart cards have always been a staple of ID data for cell phones, credit cards, and even more than that. They're these super small, tiny powerhouses that are capable of whole lot more than the common consumer gives them credit for. Every time they insert their chip card into the card reader, they are accessing their personal finances through a complicated process, moving past security defenses to be able to use their money. Find a freelancer that can help optimize the usage of this amazing technology today, at

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