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NinjaTrader is a top-notch trading platform with powerful execution functionalities and analytics tools. The service is designed to be the ultimate software to aid trading activities and transactions, enabling users to make the best trading decisions, implement their chosen strategies, and come out with good value. To better maximize the benefits of NinjaTrader, it’s best to hire a freelance NinjaTrader programmer on Guru to guide you through the platform’s features and build the necessary infrastructure to help you execute highly probable trades.

What Is NinjaTrader?

NinjaTrader is an award-winning derivatives trading platform specializing in futures, forex, and options. The trading automation service is known for its vast degree of customization, which enables users to trade in their ideal data environment.

NinjaTrader has a number of unique trading tools, though a lot of them are only accessible to paid accounts. Still, at its most basic, users can analyze charts, backtest trading strategies, and execute trades without upfront payment. This makes it a great starting point for new traders.

To access premium features and a trove of powerful tools, users must sign up for a funded account at $720 per year for a standard lease or $1,099 for a lifetime license. There are also quarterly subscription options available, as well as upgrades (Trader + and Order Flow +).

Why Use NinjaTrader Developers

NinjaTrader is a powerhouse in the trading community. Here are some reasons why it’s the preferred trading platform of many:

Easy Setup

In just a few minutes, you can download NinjaTrader (for free!) and get started with just basic data entry to immediately get on with all of your trades.

High Functionality

NinjaTrader is an award-winning platform that’s been designed for traders needing high levels of customization and advanced technical analysis. It includes over ten charting styles, hundreds of indicators, and thousands of pre-built third-party indicators, strategies, and apps.

Free Simulation

NinjaTrader’s free trial uses random data or live data that are updated once per day, allowing traders to do trade simulations to test their strategies. 

Stop-Loss Capabilities

NinjaTrader comes with an intelligent system that lets traders build a strategy in a way that stop-losses and target orders are sent out as soon as a trade is entered, reducing the risk of any costly losses.

Third-Party Extras

NinjaTrader’s ecosystem supports thousands of third-party apps, plug-ins, indicators, and add-ons to enhance the platform’s data analysis and execution. Users can access these extras directly through the NinjaTrader portal and integrate them seamlessly into their development interface.

Education Resources

NinjaTrader provides a wide range of educational resources such as webinars, video tutorials, platform guides, and more—many of which are free and accessible even to non-active clients. Traders can interact with others in the community via NinjaTrader’s active user forum, too.

Customer Support

NinjaTrader provides twenty-four-hour desk support five days a week, as well as responsive brokerage reports, making it easy for users to find help when they need it.

What Is a NinjaTrader Programmer?

A NinjaTrader programmer is a programming specialist that’s adept in the use of the NinjaTrader platform–developers aid traders in following best NinjaTrader practices, offering assistance in tasks like charting, live trading, and market analysis. They can also build indicators and strategies, as well as write scripts.

Why Hire a NinjaTrader Programmer for Trading

A NinjaTrader programmer can be of valuable help to traders who want to improve their trading systems and strategies. A developer can program automated strategies and indicators, optimize your interface, and execute backtests. Programming experts are a great resource should you want more insight into what NinjaTrader can do for you.

NinjaTrader Programmer Job Responsibilities

A NinjaTrader is typically hired to do development jobs within the development platform; however, their responsibilities sometimes go beyond that and include educational and assistive tasks. Here are some responsibilities that NinjaTrader programmers usually have:

  • Writing trading strategies

  • Programming automated buying and selling systems on NinjaTrader

  • Programming indicators

  • Optimizing trading strategies

  • Back-testing

  • Converting NinjaTrader strategies to other trading platforms (e.g. MetaTrader 4)

  • Modifying existing codes

  • Managing and fixing operation errors

  • Teaching beginner traders how to use NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader Programmer Job Requirements

The best NinjaTraders will have comprehensive knowledge of and ample experience with the NinjaTrader platform. A Ninja Trader should also have a background in finance and trading to better guide their clients. If you’re in the process of hiring a NinjaTrader programmer, make sure to include the following requirements:

  • Experience in programming and trading on NinjaTrader

  • Knowledge of financial and trading strategies

  • Proficiency in coding language

  • Experience in connecting NinjaTrader to an external brokerage account

  • Record of teaching traders the proper use of the NinjaTrader platform

You can also include criteria from your own company and team, such as soft skills. These can include the ability to work with a team, timeliness, adaptability, and communication skills.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a NinjaTrader Programmer?

NinjaTrader programmer rates differ based on several factors like expertise, experience, and market conditions. If you hire an expert NinjaTrader programmer, you can rest assured that they’ll deliver high-quality results that fit your needs and preferences, though they will cost a premium. Hiring a newbie NinjaTrader may also be a good choice for those on a budget, but you must do the necessary checks to ensure that you’re hiring a person that’s qualified.

On average, beginner NinjaTrader programmers can cost $15 per hour, intermediate programmers start at around $50 per hour, and advanced programmers can charge as much as $140 per hour. It’s best to start with a budget that you’re comfortable with, then tailor your searches based on that price range.

Hire a Ninja Trader Developer on Guru

Hiring a NinjaTrader programmer can drastically change the way you execute your trades on NinjaTrader, leaving you with higher take-homes and more profitable investments. You can hire a freelance NinjaTrader on Guru with ease; just search through the site to find qualified programming experts and upload a job post to attract interested applicants. You’ll find the right NinjaTrader programmer for you in no time–hire a NinjaTrader programmer on Guru today!

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