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How to Write an Effective Videography Job Post

Writing an effective job post is an essential step in finding the right professional to shoot and edit videos. You must create a clear and comprehensive post that details the scope of the video production job and the criteria you’re looking for, along with any pertinent information about the work, including payment and conditions. On Guru, it’s easy to upload a job post and hire a freelance videographer—you can do both in just a couple of clicks!

What Is a Videographer?

A videographer is a professional that is tasked to record, and often edit, live events and small-scale video productions. Video specialists focus mainly on documentaries, short films, wedding events, parties, television commercials, training videos, sports games feeds, etc. A video production freelancer can be a valuable addition to your business.

What Does a Videographer Do?

A videographer records events and scenes, usually those without a script or that require minimal directing, and edits the taken footage while working independently or with a small team. Video experts are responsible for obtaining, selecting, and cleaning all the required footage for a shoot or a video, then putting it all together based on the purpose of the project. A videographer must also be the ones to transport, set up, and fix any needed equipment for the event.

Videographers work in a variety of settings to design and create top rated content. Event videographers handle shoots at different events, including wedding and birthday parties; corporate videographers may be tasked to shoot content that promotes a business’s branding, messaging, products, or services, such as television commercials or product catalogs; other videographers may work on other live shoots such as documentaries and sports games. No matter what type of video content you need, a videographer can help.

Apart from taking and editing footage, they may also have to deal with clients and collaborate with other videographers to get a certain job done. Some common responsibilities include:

  • Working with creative teams, clients, and other collaborators to plan video shoots

  • Setting up equipment, including cameras, lights, microphones, and props

  • Operating camera and shooting videos on set or on location

  • Directing other camera directors or videographers

  • Preparing background film (also known as “b-roll”)

  • Interviewing subjects for videos when needed

  • Editing videos in post-production

  • Adding computer graphics, closed captioning, and special effects to footage

  • Troubleshooting and performing preventive maintenance reports on video and audio production equipment

  • Maintaining footage and equipment inventory

What to Look For When Hiring a Videographer

Videographers have a challenging job. A videographer often has to wear several hats to ensure that their work is done efficiently and produces consistent high-quality results. This is why you must find and hire videographers that possess adequate technical skills and soft skills to accomplish a video editing and production project. You can discover the perfect video producer for your project. Here are some of the characteristics you must look for in the best videographer:

Video Creativity and Design

While most videography jobs require capturing live or actual events, that doesn’t mean it’s void of artistic input for the videographer. Videographers still have the task to tell a story through the clips that they take and the edits that they make, and to produce something captivating and engaging requires a lot of creativity and foresight.

Technical Production Skills

Videography deals with a lot of equipment and software. It’s crucial that you hire freelancers who have the ability to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot audio and video equipment and who are computer-literate enough to use the required software to edit video footage.

Physical Dexterity

Taking videos is physically taxing, especially since it requires carrying a camera and following subjects for long periods. It’s important, then, to find someone who has manual dexterity, physical mobility, and stamina to perform the tasks at hand.

Collaboration and Communication Skills

Videographers have to work with different people, from clients to different subjects to other videographers and editors. Your videographer must have the needed people skills to collaborate and communicate with others to produce the best video content.

Writing a Job Post to Hire Qualified Videographers

Here are some tips to help you write an effective videography job post and hire the best freelancers:

Include All Relevant Videography Details

A job post should include all the relevant information that a candidate might need to decide whether or not they qualify or want a particular video production job. Make sure that you have a short summary of the video role, an outline of the expected responsibilities of the job, and a list of requirements for the potential hire.

Be Specific About the Relevant Skills and Deliverables

Don’t stick to generalized terms and descriptions when creating a video editing job post; be as specific as you can, especially in your criteria. That way, you can weed out unqualified candidates, making the hiring process much simpler for you; plus, you can find just the right people for the job.

Sell Your Business

A video editing job is a two-way street. While a candidate has to convince you that they’re right for the project, you must convince the videographer that you’re an employer they’d want to work for. Remember to include snippets in your job post that could describe why working in your company is something that potential hires would benefit from.

Find a Video Production Hook

Most job hunters for video editing are looking at multiple posts and applying for several companies at a time. You must, then, try to make your job post something that catches the videographer's attention; if you have a draw that you think people would jump at, flaunt it! Write your video job post simply and clearly, too. That way, potential hires don’t feel bombarded by complicated information about the video process.

Hire a Freelance Videographer on Guru

When hiring a freelance videographer, the platform matters, which is why you should find and hire your candidates from a top online freelance marketplace like Guru. Here, you can find vetted professionals who are ready to produce high-quality work on time and at affordable prices. Hiring videographers on Guru is quick and easy.

The job process in Guru is simple. You can upload an effective job post, then wait for interested candidates to swarm your inbox; alternatively, you can search for qualified individuals yourself. When you find someone who fits the bill, you can extend offers and hire them in just a couple of clicks. Then, you can manage the entire project, including overseeing tasks and sending payments, right on the platform. You can hire a videographer on an hourly or task based salary. Find, hire, and manage the right freelance videographer for your business on Guru!

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